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CP, JE, and SRP all have 9.0:1 pistons. Its the only compression ratio they offer, and I often get customers who just prefer 8.5:1. Arias and Ross both list a 8.5:1 piston but heres the part to pay attention to. CP/JE/SRP all list their compression ratios assuming an aftermarket .040" (1mm) thickness headgasket.

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Jan 28, 2016 · If you’ve been following the automotive-related newsreel lately, you’ve probably heard about Nissan’s new engine: the VR30DDTT. If the naming scheme sounds familiar, it’s probably because this engine incorporates design elements from two very prominent engines from Nissan’s history: the VR38DETT found in the R35 GT-R (and almost in the V37 Infiniti Q60 Eau Rouge, before that was ...

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And the so-called compression ratio -- and each engine has its own ratio -- refers to just how much of that fuel and air combination the piston compresses. "In a four cylinder, 2-liter engine, each cylinder would have a 500 cc capacity," says John Nielsen, director of approved auto repair with the American Automobile Association (AAA).

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Use this calculator to see what the effect of bore, stroke, rod length, cam timing, compression ratio, boost pressure and altitude is on your dynamic compression ratio. Of the variables, the most important is cam timing which has a dramatic effect on your "dynamic" as opposed to your static compression ratio.

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I'm about to build a coyote motor and IF i decide to go NA due to what ever reason, can i run 12:1 compression with E85? if not i'll stick with 11:1 or 11.5:1 since i'm running 93 pump gas octane all the time now.

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Feb 24, 2009 · An engine's mechanical compression ratio can be defined as the ratio of the cylinder volume above the piston at bottom dead center (BDC) compared to the volume at top dead center (TDC). When the volume of the cylinder at BDC is compressed into the remaining 72cc at TDC, the air/fuel mixture occupies one tenth of the space.

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Dec 28, 2012 · A compression test reveals the condition of your engine's valves, its valve seats, and piston rings and whether these parts are wearing evenly. Healthy engines should have compression over 100 psi ...

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Sep 30, 2016 · Cam – IMO a high lift with low overlap/duration grind works best with a typical turbo system that see’s 2:1 or higher back pressure ratios. Quench -.050-.180 is a no go zone that promotes detonation. Above.180 has no quench area and works well. If you do run quench,.035” to.045” is the general acceptable range.

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FEV Engine Technology is displaying a developmental gasoline/E85 turbocharged direct injection (GTDI) engine that also features variable compression ratio (VCR) at the 2007 SAE World Congress. The engine is being developed in-house, in tandem with several other DI engine projects that FEV is working on with various automakers, based on earlier ...

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Compression ratio and cam are still up for grabs. Just a nice street/strip motor. Nothing radical. I would like to use a cam with duration of no more than 235/245 I/E at .050 to avoid losing to much low end power. Then, keeping the parameters above in mind, adjust the static compression to arrive at a suitable e85 dynamic compression ratio. Dan ...

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Nov 08, 2018 · The VC-Turbo can operate with a compression ratio as low as 8:1 for maximum performance or as high as 14:1 for maximum efficiency. The engine can even switch to the more efficient Atkinson cycle ...
Because they reduce Compression Ratio, bowl pistons can be used in Turbo Charged or Super Charged engines to help avoid detonation (spark knock) under boosted conditions. The extreme bowl shown is used in diesel engines, where the bowl is used to confine the diesel fuel spray for good, fast combustion.
Up for sale is a SupraStore custom, fresh built 2JZ short block! This build uses the following parts: Wiseco pistons at 10.5-1 compression ratio with upgraded pins and coated skirts<br> Manley Turbo Tuff rods <br> Clevite P series bearings<br> Titan billet main caps<br> ARP main studs Rod fasteners were all torqued using the stretch method, which is preferred by the manufactures as it ...
The answer was no, but obviously these are possible tools for future improvement, and of course, quickly dropping the compression ratio helps to hasten turbo spool-up. Other Tidbits
Stein et al. [10] have performed recently direct injection of E85 coupled with port-injection of gasoline on a turbocharged engine with increased compression ratio. Thank to its high octane number ...

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Oct 31, 2019 · The pressure (e.g. psi) developed on the compressing stroke of the cylinder's piston that occurs just before the fuel mixture is ignited in that cylinder. Good compression is an important part of the development of usable power from the burning fuel. Such a compression might be 150 to 170 psi.
Jan 11, 2007 · Both gasoline and E85 will give best thermal effeciency at about 15% rich of stoich, so the equivalent of 12.78:1 on gasoline would be about 8.5:1 on E85, but E85 will continue to give better torque numbers up to about +40% rich of stoich or 7:1 mixtures, so on a utec you would want to richen up your WOT high load cells and add a tweak of ... Mar 20, 2014 · Nothing wrong with higher compression, If the car is built properly, and running a high enough octane fuel. I went 9:1, But my car will only see E85 and is pretty much a track only car. It really all depends on your goals and what you want out of the car.